Published: 2020-02-25

Shearing osteochondral humerus fragment fixed with bio-pins

Subramaian Kanthalu Narayanan, Rajesh Sellappan, Dharmaraj .


The fractures associated with an anterior dislocation generally reported in the literature have been Hill-Sachs lesions, avulsions of the greater tuberosity and glenoid fractures. Although literature presents many sequels of posterior shoulder subluxations, we have not come across any shearing type osteochondral fracture in the literature. In this case report we present a 24year-old male following a fall from a motorcycle, sustaining a shearing type of osteochondral fracture likely from dislocation and relocation, which we fixed using absorbable biopins.


Osteochondral fracture, Biopins, Posterior shoulder dislocation

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