A study of comparison of tension band wiring versus plating for olecranon fractures

Dhwanil Chandresh Tada, Kushal Nikhil Parikh, Varun Sanjiv Shah, Bhagirath Durlabhjibhai Goriya


Background: Olecranon fractures are one of the common fractures around the elbow, comprising around 37% of all fractures occurring around the elbow. Olecranon fractures are commonly treated with either plating or tension band wiring. The purpose of current study is to compare the clinical and radiological outcome of tension band wiring and plate fixation in patients operated for olecranon fractures.

Methods: Current study was conducted in a tertiary care center from May 2017-2019. Study compromises of 30 patients operated for olecranon fractures. Clinical and radiological outcome of patients treated with tension band wiring or plating and assessed using the Mayo’s elbow score at 6 months follow up.

Results: Out of the 30 patients, 15 were treated with tension band wiring and 15 were treated using open reduction and plating. Out of the 15 operated with tension-band wiring (TBW) K wire on follow up 11 showed excellent score on Mayo elbow score, 2 had good results and 2 had fair results. In patients operated with Plating 12 showed excellent result on follow up and 3 showed good result. No patient had fair or poor score.

Conclusions: Both tension band wiring and plate fixation are effective methods for treatment of olecranon fractures however complications regarding symptomatic metal prominence and superficial infection were higher in patients treated with tension band wiring as compared to plate fixations.


Olecranon, TBW, Olecranon-plating

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