Published: 2022-02-25

A case of fracture talus with medial malleolus treated with headless screws and cancellous cannulated screws using single anteromedial approach

Shubham N. Katti, Prithviraj A. Paigude, Praful A. Ingale, Sushilkumar R. Mane


Talar fractures are complex injuries with an array of management options and complications. We present a case of talar fracture with medial malleolus fracture fixed via common anteromedial approach through the fracture site. The incidence of associated malleolar injury has ranged from 19% to 28% in prior studies. The skin condition is often poor and prone to swelling in such cases which makes the management challenging. Along with poor wound healing, joint stiffness, osteonecrosis and osteoarthritis of the ankle are complications affecting the outcome of the patient.


A case of fracture talus with medial malleolus treated with headless screws and cancellous cannulated screws using single anteromedial approach

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