Published: 2022-06-24

Titanium elastic nail for infected humerus fracture with wrist drop: a rare case report

Neetin Prahlad Mahajan, jayesh Mhatre, Pritam Talukder


Humerus mid-shaft fractures are typically managed with ORIF and plate fixation but a rare attempt for CRIF with titanium elastic nail (TENS) nail done even with infection in situ. A 28 year old male, a daily wage worker presented to us with mid-shaft humerus fracture with wrist drop after an incident of fall while carrying heavy load on his head. On X-ray evidence of osteolysis at the fracture site was found and following bone biopsy infected foci was discovered. Later, managed with CRIF with TENS nail and antibiotics. CRIF for infected long bone fracture is rare, but a bold attempt was made for internal fixation which yielded good results and post-operative 3 months showed great results with full active range of motion without any infective foci and with recovery of wirst range of motion.


CRIF, Humerus, TENS nail, Antibiotics, Wrist drop, IMN

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