Published: 2022-08-25

Traumatic posterior dislocation of hip with ipsilateral fracture of shaft of the femur: external maneuvers reduction and osteosynthesis by screw plate about a case and review of literature at Tambacounda regional hospital in Senegal

Mohamed Sidibe, Mohamed Lamine Bah, Fodé Mahamoud Sylla, Minkailou Camara, Alhassane Soumah, Serge Ntungwanayo


Traumatic hip dislocation associated with an ipsilateral femoral fracture is a rare injury. It occurs in a high-energy traumatic context. The classic mechanism consists of a fall with landing on the hip, which initially dislocates and the femur fracture occurs secondarily by adduction of the proximal fragment. The diagnosis is difficult in front of the fracture whose signs mask the vicious attitude of the dislocation. We reported the case of a passenger of a motorcycle who collided with a parked car.  He was ejected from the motorcycle and landed on his right hip. We performed X-rays of hip and lower limb at his admission which revealed a dislocation of hip in its high posterior variety and a medio-diaphyseal fracture of femur on same side. Reduction of dislocation by external maneuvers was made and osteosynthesis of femur with screwed plate performed 48 h later. After 16 months of care, functional and radiological results sufficient.


Hip dislocation, Fracture shaft of femur, External reduction maneuvers, Osteosynthesis

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