Published: 2017-02-22

Comparative study between bone patellar tendon bone and quadrupled hamstring autografts in arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with aperture fixation

Dilip S. Shaktawat, Anil Kumar Mishra, Manoj R. Kashid, Amit Chaudhry, Rajshekhar ., Abin Stanely


Background: Bone patellar tendon bone (BPTB) and hamstring (HT) auto grafts have been used routinely in reconstruction of ACL over past two decades. Controversy still remains as to which graft is superior over other. Many studies have compared these graft options using different implants and different methods of fixation. Continuation of efforts in the same direction; purpose of the study is to compare these two graft options utilizing identical implants and similar method of fixation.

Methods: 40 patients of clinically and radiologically diagnosed ACL tear fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were randomized into two groups to undergo arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using quadrupled hamstring graft (n=20) and bone patellar tendon bone auto graft (n=20) utilizing bioscrew by aperture fixation method in both the groups. They were compared post operatively for symptomatic improvement, clinical and rolimeter laxity tests and Lysholm functional knee scoring at 02 year.

Results: At the end of 02 years laxity measurement by rolimeter showed slightly better results in BPTB group; however it was not statistically significant (p value= 0.362). Knee pain at the end of 02 year was slightly more in HT groups (45%) as compared to BPTB group (35%) but not significant (p value =0.748). Instability symptoms are comparable in both the groups (sense of giving away on exertion). Manual laxity testing by Lachman and Pivot shift tests were comparable in both the groups with p value of 0.695 and 0.999 respectively. Lysholm functional knee score also showed no statistical significance (p value =0.957).

Conclusions: There is no significant difference between HT and BPTB auto grafts in terms of clinical and functional outcome at the end of 02 years. 


Hamstring autograft (HT), Bone patellar tendon bone graft (BPTB), ACL reconstruction

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